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by Kari Ann Levine

The convergence between passion, purpose, pleasure, and profession — this is the balance that inspired so many of us to turn yoga into a career. As teachers, we have the privilege of blurring the lines between teaching and learning, inspiring others and being inspired — and this overlap is one of the most rewarding perks of our vocation.

 Our profession allows us to live and teach our practice in all aspects of our lives. As a result we start seeing this overlap in all the spaces we exist within.

 This merging where work becomes play and play becomes work occurs in the studio, in our home practice, even out in the world — where a personal “ah-hah” moment becomes the seed of inspiration for our next class.

Of these many spaces, there also is a virtual one — the space we occupy online.

For the yoga teacher, the online space is many things. It’s a place for us to connect with our students. It’s a venue for our unique interpretation and expression of how yoga shows up in our lives. Not to mention, it’s full of tools and resources to draw inspiration from and to help us share that inspiration with students.

 As an online class sequence building application, fits in nicely with this virtual community of tools and resources for teachers. But we aren’t the only ones blurring the lines between yoga teachers’ passions and careers online.  We've discovered two great resources online to complement the toolkit of yoga teachers:

Yoga Trail

One of our favorite online resources for teachers is the website Building a profile on YogaTrail is super user-friendly, cost-free (unless you go for the upgrade) and allows you to post pictures, bios, class descriptions and weekly schedules.

 The feature we love the most about YogaTrail is how easy they make updating and sharing your weekly class schedule. Let your students know where and when they can find you using the YogaTrail scheduler. Then get the word out by sharing it to your social media pages. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

When it comes to great online sources for inspiration and continuing education, we love describes itself as the online space providing “content and context” for the yoga teacher’s life as well as their learning.

Clicking through’s articles dedicated to topics like sacred space, creativity, and living your dreams is like spiritual nourishment for yoga teacher’s soul. This, along with their teacher training listings and discounts on yoga related products, makes the online source from which yoga teachers can fill their well of inspiration — and then share the overflow with their students.

As yoga teachers continue to fuse their passions and careers into one seamless and incredibly rewarding whole — the online community of resources, tools, and services will continue to hold space for these needs. As a part of this expanding virtual community, is pretty stoked to have spaces like and Teach.Yoga for neighbors. 

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About the Author

Kari Ann Levine is a yoga teacher, writer, and entrepreneur living in Tempe, Arizona. She found inspiration in Yoga while she was in graduate school in 2011, eventually earning her Masters in Sociology researching Yoga and it's impact on people's lives. Kari's teaching style in the practice room mirrors her voice as a writer, and her approach to life — be real with yourself even when it's hard, because the reward for authenticity is worth far more than the cost of even the greatest struggle. Kari is a firm believer in modern day mysticism, living by the philosophy that spirituality is experienced in all the dust and divinity that is the right here and right now. She is committed to being a perpetual student of her heart and soul — and sharing the wisdom she learns with others.